The District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) has accessible and adaptable housing available to meet the special needs of persons with disability, including those with mobility, hearing and/or vision impairments.

Although there is a waiting list for housing in the District of Columbia, preference is given to persons with mobility impairments, particularly those who serve as the head of a household. When there is a handicapped-accessible unit available, DCHA will go down its waiting list to look for applicants who have indicated they have mobility impairments.

The DCHA also provides “reasonable accommodations.” That means that a unit owned and operated by DCHA may be changed to accommodate a person with a disability. For example, if you are hearing impaired, DCHA will provide a fire alarm with a strobe light. It also means that people with disabilities can take full advantage of DCHA services, including living with greater ease in their homes.

You may make a request in writing for a “reasonable accommodation” any time during the application for housing process — but you are never required to tell DCHA that you or a member of your household has a disability.