Confidential HOTLINE: (202) 535-2222

The DCHA Office of Public Safety (OPS) has a 24-hour, anonymous hotline. If you see illegal activity, you can call the hotline and provide information without leaving your name.

The Office of Public Safety is a fully operational, 24-hour police force that works closely with the DC Police Department to prevent crime, protect life and property, and preserve peace and safety in and around public housing in the District of Columbia.

The department is staffed by:

sworn police officers who have full jurisdiction to make arrests throughout the District of Columbia

Special police officers Commissioned by the Mayor of the District of Columbia to have full arrest powers on DCHA properties

Resident monitors who screen visitors at DCHA developments

Civilian administrative support personnel.

Community Policing Programs
A vital part of community policing is the involvement and active participation of public housing residents in the development and implementation of safety policies and programs, and other activities that focus on crime prevention.

Public safety staff members attend resident council meetings on a regular basis as active participants in problem-solving initiatives to improve community safety. Many DCHA developments have resident watch and other safety programs through the resident councils.