The District of Columbia Housing Authority Executive Director Tyrone Garrett was featured on WAMU’s Kojo Show regarding the 14 DCHA properties that have been identified as being in need of “extremely urgent” action due to hazardous physical and environmental conditions. (Listen here)

Garrett stressed that no family should continue to live in these conditions and that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has made clear the agency will not be providing relief. Therefore, Garrett outlined short- and long-term plans for each property, which stabilization, rehabilitation, or redevelopment. He said that these plans also include relocation, housing vouchers, and possible demolition.  

Four of the 14 properties will receive a portion of the $24.5 million that was recently committed to DCHA by the District government, he said. Those properties are Kelly Miller townhomes, Ledroit Apartments, Judiciary House, and Langston Additions. The families living in the nearly 400 housing units within these four properties will soon be seeing construction and may need to relocate while the work proceeds.

Garrett also said he is recommending larger scale rehabilitation or redevelopment at 10 properties—Kelly Miller walk-ups, Fort DuPont Additions, Ft. Dupont Dwellings, Stoddert Terrace, Woodland Terrace, Benning Terrace, Greenleaf Additions, Greenleaf Gardens, Langston Terrace, and Garfield Senior/Terrace. He stressed that this work will not be happening for several months due to the need for HUD approval for relocation vouchers, for example.

DCHA is holding meetings with the affected communities beginning this week to explain conditions found at the specific properties, recommendations on work to be done, how residents will be affected, and what resources will be made available to these families. The DCHA Board of Commissioners must approve all decisions before any work takes place.

To listen to the Kojo Show program, click here.

Last modified: 7/11/2019 12:45:06 PM