The District of Columbia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners recently voted to start a new committee with a focus on the Housing Choice Voucher Program and its customers.

The new four-person committee, approved at the regular monthly meeting on June 12, will operate like the board’s existing committees, such as the Development and Modernization Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, and Resident Services Committee.

“A lot of conversations are held at the committee level,” said Board Chair and Commissioner Neil Albert, who added the purpose is to advance the voice of HCVP customers.

The HCVP Committee will be chaired by the board’s HCVP Commissioner Franselene St. Jean-Clarke, who wants to examine every program and every subdivision within HCVP. From recertifications to inspections, voucher holders and landlord issues, St. Jean-Clarke said she wants to make sure it is all running as efficiently as possible.

“How can we help each other to make it more efficient? We want to know the good and the bad, what is really going on. If there are issues we can tackle them right now,” said St. Jean who said a meeting with quality assurance is already scheduled. “We will have landlords participate, as well. How can we build that relationship more closely? We will have voucher holders come in, too. Where we can help them or how we can make this a better program for them?”

A nine-member HCVP participation advisory committee, who advocated for a HCVP commissioner and committee, were honored at the June 12 meeting, as well.

Members of the HCVP participation advisory committee were recognized.
Last modified: 7/11/2019 12:09:59 PM