The District of Columbia Housing Authority and Executive Director Tyrone Garrett were featured in a story on WAMU 88.5 FM recently. 

The report was about the recent action by the D.C. Council, which voted Tuesday to spend roughly $25 million on repairs to the city’s aging stock of public housing, and to set aside more money at the end of this fiscal year to do the same. 

“This year’s budget underscores the severity of the physical conditions DCHA is facing and the District’s sincere commitment to ensure low-income families in D.C. continue to receive affordable housing assistance,” said Garrett in a statement.

Garrett said DCHA will need $2.2 billion over 17 years to bring the portfolio to a 20-year viability. He said the current crisis is due in part on the federal government’s disinvestment in public housing, and redoubled his call for the city to provide him with “desperately needed resources,” according to the article.

Read and listen to the report here.

Last modified: 6/19/2019 12:41:23 PM