Marcus Manning has come full circle. Today, he is the Youth Navigator Specialist of the Do Your B.E.S.T. Program in the Office of Resident Services at The District of Columbia Housing Authority.   

Growing up in Sursum Corda as a teenager, Marcus was a participant of the Do Your B.E.S.T. program.  

“The program really exposes you to different things. When I was younger I really didn't get out of my environment, D.C. My neighborhood, was all I knew, really, but once I entered the program they just exposed me to different things, and I realized it's more than just my environment in the world. The program really shaped me based on the workshops that they offered. The Do Your B.E.S.T. program taught me a lot because I never knew that I wanted to go to college until I entered the program,” he said.

In May 2018, Manning graduated from Deleware State University with a degree in accounting. He credits the Do Your B.E.S.T. program for exposing him to different colleges as he began to think about his future. For over 20 years, DCHA had been instrumental in the lives of young people living in public housing by “building excellence through service and training,” offering jobs through community partnerships, life skills workshops, and college tours.

Understanding the importance of building young people up through encouragement and exposure, Manning said that his experience growing up in public housing gives him a unique perspective as the Youth Navigator Specialist planning the 2019 program.   

“Since I grew up in public housing, I know the challenges that kids face. I know the things that they are going through and what they need to build a great future," he said. "Our stories may be different but I know that some of our challenges are similar.”  








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