The District of Columbia Housing Authority’s dcConnectGirls and dcConnectBoys Technology Clubs kicked-off 2019 with a day of learning about physics and technology recently. Participants learned how to estimate the location of where a golf ball would land after rolling off the side of a table using a combination of math equations and a computer program built with Python.

dcConnectHome youth technology programming started in 2016 with DCHA’s first AspireIT summer all-girls coding workshop. More than 25 girls participated in developing their own website. The following summer, DCHA was awarded funding for another AspireIT workshop which hosted 20 girls and continued the concept of website development.

Those workshops grew into the monthly dcConnectGirls Technology Club by Fall 2017, thanks to expanded year round funding opportunities from AspireIT. For nine months, 15 young women learned how to build websites, computers, various coding programs, and more. They also had the opportunity to meet Sasha Ariel, a young black author who has been inspired by technology. Several of the girls in the monthly club later attended a robotics workshop that followed in the summer.

Following the success of dcConnectGirls, in early 2018, the dcConnectBoys Technology Club was established with the support of a donation of 15 Kano computing devices and a donation of digital cameras. The members of the club’s inaugural class learned coding and digital photography from male volunteers/mentors from various technology fields. 

For the 2019 club year, the dcConnectGirls and dcConnectBoys Technology Clubs will have shared technology experiences led young men and women volunteers from a local school.  Already planned for this year are sessions on how to build phone apps, a field trip to a leading technology company, and exposure to careers in technology through interaction with professionals in various fields.

DCHA plans on continuing to provide opportunities for youth to engage in technology focused experiences and is currently in the process of securing AspireIT funding for another all-girls summer workshop in 2019.



Last modified: 3/1/2019 3:41:27 PM