In this year’s annual essay competition, 30 District of Columbia Housing Authority summer youth employees wrote about the impacts of social media, how their summer position will be beneficial to their future success, and what good manners and respect mean today.

All participants in the Summer Youth Employment and Do Your B.E.S.T. Summer Youth programs were invited to participate in the annual competition that encourages the young people to pursue their academics and inspires them to do more in the future.  

“You need to ask yourself, ‘How do I reach my fullest potential?’” said DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett. “Some of you have made the decision. For others, it takes more time.”

He went on to say, “Your fullest potential isn’t dictated by negative things in your life. It is dictated by what you put into your life.”

To do that, Garrett said that the students should eliminate excuses and close their eyes and ears to people who discourage them. They should study and find mentors who will help them on their path to success. They should work on their goals, he said, not only for themselves, but for all of the people who assisted them along the way.

The best reward is “the ability to give back” once they have reached their goals, “because so much has been given to you.” That, Garrett said, is the last step to reaching one’s fullest potential.

The students were tasked with writing an essay on one of three topics: What negative impact, if any, does social media utilization have on adolescent health and development; How will your work experience this summer be beneficial to your future success; and What do the basic principles of good manners and respect mean to you and your peers? Do you believe that demonstrating proper behavior and respect for others has become old school within your generation?

Each participant received a certificate and a $50 gift card. The top 10 essay writers received $100 gift cards and a certificate.

Sullivan Jackson came in first place and Tyrique Cureton came in second.

DCHA would like to thank Regan Associates, Chartered for their program sponsorship.

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