The District of Columbia Housing Authority is knocking down its historic maintenance requests and beautifying properties.

DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett established the Apprenticeship Training Program in March to provide experience and earning opportunities for DCHA’s customers.  The Apprenticeship Training Program hired 60 DCHA customers seeking job training to assist property maintenance staff in fixing up common areas, landscaping, and other tasks that improve curb appeal. This novel approach provides training while helping the existing maintenance staff address more complex maintenance concerns and reduce the backlog of requests.

“We are very pleased with improvements and enhancements being made to our properties by these new hires. We are unquestionably receptive to the positive responses from both our residents and DCHA staff,” Garrett said. “The apprenticeship program demonstrates DCHA’s commitment and continued efforts to improve the quality of life for DCHA residents by providing job training opportunities for them while they earn an income so they can create a path toward sustained gainful employment and self-sufficiency.”

He added, “And from what I understand, the residents love seeing them working at their properties.”

The Apprenticeship Training Program Project Manager Douglas Moody described these apprentices as “consistently dependable and extremely trustworthy.”

In addition to providing job training, DCHA is leveraging its existing resources to develop new relationships with employers to identify potential employment and other opportunities for trainees. At the end of the program, which began in March, the top performers will compete for permanent positions within DCHA and with contractors who do business with DCHA. Several apprentices have already found permanent employment with outside contracters.


Last modified: 7/24/2018 2:14:18 PM