The District of Columbia Housing Authority’s executive director had an important lunch meeting recently.

Executive Director Tyrone Garrett met with youth from the Marion S. Barry, Jr. (MBSYEP) Summer Youth Employment Program on July 12 over lunch. The youth participated in a question and answer session with Garrett.

DCHA’s Do Your B.E.S.T. (Building Excellence through Service and Training) and the city’s Summer Youth Employment Programs brought 70 youth to work in and around DCHA and its communities. Both programs provide meaningful summer jobs to youth living in DCHA properties or who are a part of DCHA voucher programs, but Do Your B.E.S.T. also extends its reach into the public sector. Several of DCHA’s community partners have hired youth. Each year, DCHA works to secure more and more positions in companies, non-profits, and outside of DCHA’s portfolio for our youth.

“When you come to work every day, you are a representation of me,” he told the youth. “I empower people. I ask a lot of questions. I delegate and participate in daily operations. To lead you must have a vision.”

Garrett said his vision was to begin by improving customer service and establish integrity with our customers. He said he is working to stabilize DCHA’s portfolio, as well.

“Before we get creative and do all these new things, we must establish our relationship with the community,” Garrett said.

Garrett explained his dedication to education growing up in Newark, New Jersey and being raised by his mother with support from his grandparents. He said he didn’t enjoy all of his schooling, but he did it because he knew it would lead to his future success.

He then offered advice to the youth.

“I identify ‘what is my fullest potential?’ You’ll never know. It’s a goal. Keep taking steps towards that. Whatever stumbling block I hit now will not last forever,” Garrett said. “Be open-minded. Be willing to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask for more. You don’t want to be comfortable. Take on more responsibility. Worry about the details. Humility is giving everyone your best.”

Last modified: 7/19/2018 4:50:34 PM