The District of Columbia Housing Authority’s executive director continued his tour of DCHA communities this week with stops at Carroll Apartments, Potomac Gardens, and Lincoln Heights.

DCHA Executive Director Tyrone Garrett has visited more than 20 communities and met one-on-one with customers more than 60 times in order to learn what is happening in DCHA neighborhoods directly from the customers.

“The best way for me to know what is happening in our communities is to hear it directly from you,” Garrett said to a recent audience.

He explained a few new initiatives he has started as a result of his listening tour. The first is the 3Cs campaign – Courteous, Complete, and Clean. DCHA employees and contractors are inspecting each and every unit for environmental issues, making sure appliances and smoke detectors are fully functional, and other needs are recorded and addressed. Garrett stressed these inspections are not related to housekeeping, but instead a thorough way of him understanding what the greater needs are in DCHA’s portfolio and making sure customers’ have the best quality of life. This initiative also checks with residents to make sure that staff were polite and completed the work that was assigned to them.

Another new initiative is the Apprenticeship Training Program which hired 60 DCHA customers seeking job training to assist property maintenance staff in fixing up common areas, landscaping, and other tasks that will improve curb appeal and free up existing staff to focus on a backlog of maintenance requests. Several of the apprentices have already been hired by partner organizations.

“We have lots of things we are trying to accomplish at each site. Every community’s needs are different,” Garrett said.

He said the DCHA Board of Commissioners tasked him with several challenges when he first arrived to the agency in October. Garrett is working with staff to create a report card that he plans to share with everyone that shows what he has accomplished, what he is working on, and what he plans to do next.

“First we need to make sure everything is working—that is first and foremost,” Garrett said. “Then we will come back for more cosmetic things.”

Garrett said that he is taking a close look at each department within DCHA to find more efficiencies and improve operations. He also is adding more training in a number of areas including maintenance and customer service, he said. Garrett explained he’d like to create a long-term plan for major maintenance repairs and add more automation to help employees to streamline their work.

Garrett listened to each community’s ideas and concerns—from better landscaping, to wi-fi service, to improved security. DCHA staff was on hand to record each idea and concern, and if necessary, submit a maintenance request on the spot for customers. Customers will be given opportunities to follow up with more questions or ideas after the conversation.  Also, a quarterly report to track the commitments made and successful completion of tasks will be created.

As Garrett makes his way to each community, customers will be notified via texts, emails, and flyers. They will have an opportunity to pre-register by calling 202-535-1000 or register on site.



Last modified: 6/20/2018 3:23:53 PM