Thirty-one homeowners and potential homeowners celebrated their efforts on June 6 as part of national Homeownership Month.

The District of Columbia Housing Authority’s homeownership team helped 15 District families successfully buy homes last year. This year, two more have moved into their homes and the team aims to assist another 18 families to closing day before the year is out.

“Thank you for standing up. Thank you for having the courage to move your family forward,” said Adrianne Todman, DCHA executive director, at the event. “This is a smart move on your part and I wish you well.”

DCHA offers several programs that put families on the path to homeownership, including teaming up with community partners, like banks and credit counselors.

“I would like you to know you, too, can be a homeowner,” said Ms. Allen, who has spent nine years in her Henson Ridge home since making her way through the HCVP homeownership program. “It takes hard work and commitment.”

Allen suggested potential homeowners should take the job training classes DCHA offers and to get a copy of a recent credit report to begin the process of raising the credit score.

“Make small goals. Take one step at a time,” she told the crowd.

Dalphine Townsend said she lived in public housing for more than 30 years, but then “I decided I needed to make a change.”

She said it took her a long time to get on the path of homeownership, but it was all worth it “when I walked up to the door and turned the key. I saw it was mine.” She has been in her house for 15 years.

Townsend created a special bank account just for her mortgage and her monthly bills. She said she still calls members of the DCHA team for support.

“Make that dream a reality,” Townsend said.

Loan officers, credit counselors, banks, Department of Housing and Community Development employees and other Homeownership Community Committee members were on hand to address any questions established, new, and soon-to-be homeowners had.

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